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Instructions for Sample Submission

Please use the information below to submit samples for our Serology Testing Services.

We make serology testing easy.

Prepare samples and fill out the Sample Submission Form to get started. Let us do the rest.

Step 1:
Sample Prep
  • Transfer  0.5 mL serum to flip-top or screw-top tube
  • Make sure the tubes are clearly labelled
  • Use a divided box for safe shipping
Step 2:
Submission Forms
  • Complete Sample Submission Form (SSF)
  • Get FedEx or UPS tracking number
  • Send SSF to
Step 3:
Ship Package
  • Organize sample tubes in boxes and pack with ice packs
  • Select Overnight Priority shipment
  • for tracking
Step 4:
Relax and Enjoy
  • Test results reported within 2 business days
  • Results emailed to contact on SSF
  • Western Blot confirmatory testing available

Sample Submission Instructions

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