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CSA TB Serology

Patented TB biomarkers for antibody testing in NHPs.

How Can We Help?

From same-day serology testing services to setting up a TB serology screening program for your facility, we are here to help.

How it works.

Information on how the test was designed and the patented TB epitopes used.

Serology Assay

Information on the CSA method. Simple assay workflow with multiplex results.

On-Demand Testing

Our senior laboratory staff can perform CSA testing at your facility as needed. We bring the materials, equipment, and staff.

Designed for NHPs

We mapped the antibody response of naturally occurring infections in rhesus and cynomolgus macaques to identify the most specific M. tb antigens.

Key Features:
Patented  M. tuberculosis specific peptides for detection of infection in non-human primates (US10859575B2).
Screens for presence of TB-specific antibodies in serum.
Used in parallel with routine TST screening.
Multiplex Results

Animals infected with M. tuberculosis, including latent infections, are identified by a robust response to these antigens.

Assay Overview

CSA kits are so easy to use, you may think it’s magic. With a few simple lab tools and our IAN reader, you can run up to 94 samples in less than 3 hours. Pair the CSA: TB test with our CSA: Panel A and save time and money on your routine colony screening.

CSA TB Serology