Our proprietary clear nitrocellulose surfaces, microarray slides and plates, and SilverQuant® detection reagents yield the greatest combination of performance, stability, reliability, and efficiency.

See our list of consumables and reagents below.

Detection Reagents

Buffers, conjugated antibodies, and reagents for use with our SilverQuant® Detection Reagent

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  • Optimized for multiplex protein arrays
  • Stable and archivable
  • Automation compatible

SIMplex Gasket System

Reusable gasket system for processing microarrays.

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  • Leak-proof microarray separation
  • Increased throughput to process multiple samples simultaneously
  • Maintains integrity of the ultra-thin nitrocellulose film or other functionalized surfaces
  • Compatible with multi-channel pipettors

Protein Microarray Slides

Ideal surface for protein microarrays when used with the SilverQuant® Detection Reagent.

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  • Available in 25x75mm standard slide format
  • Standard barcode or custom