Colony Surveillance Assay™(CSA): Simian Panel E kit provides a sensitive, reliable, and affordable tool to screen your specific pathogen-free (SPF) colony.

Rapid: Screen samples for exposure to 9 viral diseases in about 2 hours

Affordable: Significant cost savings over outsourced testing

Reliable: Highly sensitive and specific assay validated by several National Primate Research Centers

Easy: Assay technique as easy as an ELISA

CSA: Simian Panel E kit provides sensitive and reliable screening tools for your expanded SPF animals.  The CSA method identifies animals that have been previously exposed to an infectious agent by detecting specific serum antibodies to viral antigens including SRV, STLV, SIV, herpes B virus, measles, CMV, LCV, RRV, and SFV. Results are quantified with the AQ 1000 instrument within minutes.

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CSA: Simian Panel E Sample Testing Service


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CSA: Simian Panel E Kit, up to 94 samples.

Material to process 94 samples and 2 controls.

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The CSA:Simian Panel E Kit enables profiling of specific IgG in serum from non-human primates, including:

  • BV, Herpes B virus (Macacine herpesvirus 1)
  • SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus)
  • SRV-D (Simian Retrovirus Groups 1-5)
  • STLV (Simian T Lymphotropic Virus)
  • Measles (Paramyxovirus)
  • RRV (Rhesus rhadinovirus)
  • LCV (Lymphocryptovirus)
  • CMV (Cytomegalovirus)
  • SFV (Simian Foamy Virus)
  • 11 unique viral antigens arrayed with 4 replicate spots per subarray (4 measurements per sample) for SPF screening
  • Low sample volume requirements – minimum of 5 μL of sera required
  • Up to 94 samples can be tested simultaneously
  • Rapid assay gets you same day results with numerical values for individual animal tracking
  • Included Positive and Negative Control sera allow internal quality control and data normalization
  • Compatible with the AQ 1000 instrument

Analysis Files

Pre-installed on AQ 1000

L736_CSA Panel E User Protocol

L757 CSA Simian Panel E Kit_User Protocol_ENGLISH PDF

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