Easy and convenient serology testing services.

Looking for TB Testing? COVID-19

Step 1: Prepare Samples for Shipment

We need at least 0.2mL of fresh or frozen serum to test, shipped cold or frozen in tightly sealed and clearly labelled tubes.
For customers in North America, download the CSA Sample Requisition FormĀ and email to orders@intuitivebio.com
A member of the serology services team will confirm your order and coordinate the shipment.

Submission Form

Step 2: Samples Received and Enter Testing Queue.

Send shipments Monday-Wednesday for overnight delivery by 10:30 am CST. The serology services team will unpack the samples and check that the contents in the box match the Sample Submission Form. If there are any problems, a team member will contact the person listed on the Sample Submission Form.
Samples are entered into the testing queue in the order they are received. If priority testing is requested, please call to confirm.

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Step 3: Tests Performed and Results Reported

Results are typically reported no later than 4:00 pm the Friday after samples are received. A report will be emailed to the contact listed in the Sample Submission Form. If there are any unexpected results or samples that test antibody positive, someone will call to discuss and schedule any follow-up testing.
Confirmatory testing is available for SRV, STLV, and SIV by western blot analysis.

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