Custom Assay Development Services

Intuitive Biosciences has an expert team of scientists and dedicated project managers to help you get the product you need. We use an optimized, validated process to custom build the assays. Whether it is a single-plex or multiplex assay, or an assay conversion from single ELISAs to a multiplex assay, we have the expertise.

Our process includes you.  We use customer driven design goals and high quality components to build a robust, flexible, easy to use, rapid assay using the AIM (Array Intuitive Multiplexing) technology. Our custom assay development service and products provide you with the efficiencies you need.


Development Team

We leverage scientific knowledge and extensive experience to build products designed based on customer goals. Our development team is a dedicated cross functional team of PhD level scientists.

Project Management

Each project is assigned a dedicated Project Manager and a cross functional team focused on your project to ensure timely delivery of the product designed around established goals.

Custom Assay Development Services

Assay Development Services Workflow

Integrated Customer Interaction

Concept Phase:
Intuitive Biosciences works with customers to understand their needs, requirements, and goals. A project proposal is developed including design, timeline and costs.

Design Phase:
Intuitive Biosciences designs assays with customer’s or sourced materials.  We build, optimize and validate the assay ensuring the goals of the customer are met in each step of the process.

Transfer Phase:
Intuitive Biosciences manufactures and transfers completed assays to the customer.   We ensure the product is manufactured under the strictest compliance guidelines required. Once transfer is complete, we continue to support the customer through training and any available support required.