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NHP Serology Testing Service

Intuitive Biosciences has a full menu of serology testing services for nonhuman primates on our Colony Surveillance Assay (CSA) platform. Check out our list of services below.

CSA: Simian Panel A Testing Service

Intuitive Biosciences offers sample testing services using our Colony Surveillance Assay (CSA) products to help you monitor your simian colony.
CSA: Simian Panel A covers:
SRV, STLV, SIV, B virus, and Measles

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CSA: Simian TB

Utilize our Colony Surveillance Assay (CSA) service to supplement your annual TB testing for your simian colony.
CSA: Simian TB identifies animals with active or latent infections with Mycobacterium tuberculosis based on a patented multiplex antibody profiling process. Same day results possible for urgent requests.

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CSA: Simian SARS-CoV-2

Screen your NHP prior to study with our CSA: Simian SARS-CoV-2 assay. The most accurate multi-antigen serology test designed for nonhuman primates.

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CSA: Simian Panel E

Your pathogen-free colony is a priceless resource. Use our CSA: Simian Panel E service to test for the most comprehensive coverage of viral diseases in your research model. CSA: Simian Panel E covers:
SRV, STLV, SIV, B virus, Measles, CMV, RRV, SFV, and LCV.

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