Let us do the work.

Let AIM (Array Intuitive Multiplexing) work for you. Whether it’s converting existing single-plex assays into one multiplex assay, developing a custom assay for you or testing your animal serum with one of our standard CSA (Colony Surveillance Assay) products , Intuitive Biosciences can do it for you. Check out our list of services below.

Assay Development Services

Expedite your assay development by allowing Intuitive Biosciences to build your assay for you. We have a highly-trained team of experts ready to create the product you need.

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Contract Manufacturing

Need someone to manufacture your assay for you? Our manufacturing facility is available to provide you with the products developed using the AIM technology. Quality is important to us. We do physical and functional quality control on all components and assays produced in our manufacturing facility.

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Veterinary Diagnostic Services

Intuitive Biosciences offers sample testing services using our Colony Surveillance Assay (CSA) products to help you monitor your simian colony. We have multiple options available to meet your needs.

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