Sample Submission

**We have moved to our new address at 918 Deming Way, Madison, WI 53717. The lab is open and ready to receive your samples! Please call us at 608-561-8730 or email to schedule your serology testing services.**

Domestic Shipping (within the US and its territories):

1. Clearly label each sample tube with an Animal ID and sample collection date.
2. Enter this Animal ID onto the Sample Submission Form download here
3. Email to
4. Place your order for sample testing
5. Prepare sample for shipment following the Sample Shipping Instructions

For questions about domestic and international shipping, please call or email Kimberly Luke at 608-561-8730 or

International Shipping:

Please download our International Shipping Instructions and read carefully for US sample import requirements. Click here to download…
If considering using our sample testing service, please email with your name, title, email address, and shipping address so we can begin the permit process. Intuitive Biosciences will need to apply for a CDC import permit or USDA permit, and a CITES permit. This process can take 2-4 months, so please plan ahead.

Shipping NHP serum requires a CITES permit from most countries. Please contact your local CITES authority to begin the permit process.

Enter this Animal ID onto the CSA Sample Requisition Form

All shipments of nonhuman primate (NHP) derived products require a CDC import permit or documentation affirming that the products have been rendered non-infectious. On April 16, 2013, CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) updated the Foreign Quarantine Regulations (42 CFR part 71.53 “Requirements for importers of nonhuman primates). The updated regulations tighten the requirements for companies importing, handling and working with NHP and clarify the rules for importing NHP-derived products.
The newly created section 71.53(t) “Nonhuman primate products” states that only NHP-derived products that have been rendered noninfectious using one of the following methods approved by CDC will not require a permit:

CDC has made it clear that simply stating that the NHP product(s) is non-infectious or was obtained from healthy NHP is not enough to exempt the shipment from requiring a permit. Therefore, shipments of NHP-derived products (e.g., blood and tissue samples, etc.) must be accompanied by a CDC import permit or statement on the invoice or additional documentation describing the method (from the list above) that was used to render the product non-infectious.

Sample Statements:

Or if a permit is required;

Please note that in addition to the CDC’s requirements, the conditions of other government agencies must also be met. For example, a CITES document and a USDA statement or permit, as applicable, is required for each shipment of NHP derived products.