AIM Technology

Similar to performing multiple ELISA  in a single well, AIM optimizes efficiency in the lab by multiplexing multiple tests in one well or test device.

  • Reduces sample usage and labor time by multiplexing.


  • Improved sensitivity over HRP-based detection.
  • SilverQuant reagents develop signal in 3 minutes or less.
  • Manual assays or automated.
  • Signal is stable and never fades or bleaches.
  • Great with blood-based samples or others with autofluorescence.

AIM Basics

While each assay we develop is unique, here are some of the basics:

  • Proprietary ultra-thin nitrocellulose surface provides 0ptimal protein binding with low background.
  • Immobilize recombinant proteins, crude lysates, peptides, or carrier-conjugated small molecules.



  • High fidelity automation deposits picoliter droplets in discreet locations on the slide or plate.
  • Signal is generated by silver enhancement of gold-conjugated antibodies using SilverQuant® detection reagents. This reaction generates grey signal visible to the naked eye.
  • Images are analyzed by the AQ 1000 Image Capture and Analysis System.