Array Intuitive Multiplexing (AIM)

Intuitive Biosciences specializes in making custom immunoassays in an easy-to-use format that utilizes the power of multiplexing. Similar to performing multiple ELISA  in a single well, AIM utilizes the time savings of multiplexing and the sensitivity of SilverQuant detection reagents. While each assay we develop is unique, here are the AIM basics:aim-how-it-works

While each assay we develop is unique, here are the AIM basics:

  • The foundation of our immunoassay platform is our proprietary protein friendly ultra-thin nitrocellulose surface. Optimized for protein binding with low background, any protein can be easily immobilized whether it  is purified or part of a crude lysate. T
  • Picoliter or nanoliter droplets are deposited in discreet locations on the slide or plate.
  • Paired with our SilverQuant® detection reagents, optimal signal-to-noise is achieved. Bound immune complexes are identified with specific gold conjugated antibodies or proteins. Signal is generated by silver enhanced gold nanoparticles attachment to immune complexes, generating a grey signal visible to the naked eye.
  • The chromogenic signal generated by bound immune complexes is captured and reported by our AQ 1000 Image Capture and Analysis Sytem.