The Colony Surveillance Assay (CSA): Simian serology service tests for presence of IgG antibodies in serum, allowing monitoring of your specific pathogen-free (SPF) animals. Serum is testing on multiplex panels. Most results are reported within 48 hours.

Select from the list of available test panels.

Product No. Test Description Infectious Agent Tested

CSA: Simian Panel A

SRV, STLV, SIV, B Virus, Measles


CSA:Simian Panel C

SRV, STLV, SIV, B Virus, Measles, M. tuberculosis


CSA: Simian Panel E

SRV, STLV, SIV, B Virus, Measles, CMV, SFV, RRV, LCV

Confirmatory testing is available for SRV, SIV, and STLV. Testing is performed by western blot analysis, and will confirm presence of antibodies to an infectious agent.

Please call for more information about confirmatory testing by PCR. This method can confirm the presence of DNA or RNA from a pathogen in a specimen.

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