Our proprietary SilverQuant® Detection Reagent is a chromogenic reagent which allows for detection of any gold conjugated molecule, generating light grey-to-black spots visible to the naked eye.  The chromogenic reaction can be scanned with AQ 1000 Image Capture and Analysis System.

SilverQuant® detection is based on silver enhanced gold nanoparticle detection providing a more sensitive and robust assay over traditional fluorescence. It is not subject to photo bleaching, ozone sensitivity, or spot blooming. A single sample well can contain several hundred highly localized array spots. The processed reaction is highly stable and can be archived for years.

SilverQuant® detection reagents are available as part of our turnkey system for custom assay development and as sample kits for development performed in your lab.  Please contact us for supporting your custom application.

Optimized for multiplex protein arrays

Stable and archivable

Automation compatible


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SilverQuant® Detection Kit

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SilverQuant® Detection Kit

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