Colony Surveillance Assay™(CSA): Simian TB Test provides a sensitive, reliable, and affordable tool to supplement your TB surveillance program.

The CSA: Simian TB Serology Test identifies animals previously exposed to M. tuberculosis by screening for serum antibodies specific to M. tuberculosis. Current requirements rely on the Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) to be performed, but can often miss latent TB infections that can compromise your colony health.

The CSA: Simian TB serological test screens for the presence of TB-specific antibodies (IgG) in serum from nonhuman primates (NHPs). This test uses a panel of 4 peptides representing 3 proteins found in the RD (region of difference) from tuberculous Mycobacteria.  including: M. tuberculosis, M. kansasii, and M. bovis. It does not distinguish between these species, but shows that the sample tested contains antibodies specific to epitopes from the tuberculous causing mycobacteria. These peptides are not present in M. avium and should exclude M. avium – specific antibodies.

The CSA: Simian TB assay uses the AIM platform.

Our proprietary TB-specific antigens (US Patent No. 9,404,923) are immobilized on the bottom of a 96-well plate. Serum is added to one well, and antibodies to controls and TB-antigens bind to the surface. Immune complexes are detected with an anti-simian IgG gold conjugate antibody. Signal is enhanced with SilverQuant reagents, to result in a stabile grey signal.

In each well of an assay plate, control or test antigens are arrayed into a specific pattern in the bottom of the plate. For each sample tested a dilution of serum is added to each well. Four replicate measurements are captured for each sample, and up to 94 samples can be run in the same plate.

Recommended Use

While the TST the only required test for imported NHPs, it is known that latent or subclinical infections with M. tuberculosis can be missed by the TST .  We recommend using the CSA: Simian TB test to supplement the required TST testing regimen. For importing animals, this can begin while the animal is in quarantine. For animals entering closed colonies but originating in the U.S., testing can be performed prior to transport. While an individual test result may help identify a latently infected animal, the best use of this test is to routinely monitor all animals to be able to compare to baseline values for the individual animal and for the colony itself.


Please contact Dr. Kimberly Luke to discuss your testing needs. 

CSA: Simian TB kit provides sensitive and reliable screening tools for your NHP used in research.  The CSA method identifies animals that have been previously exposed to an infectious agent by detecting specific serum antibodies to M. tuberculosis. Results are quantified with the AQ 1000 instrument within minutes.

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CSA: Simian TB Serology Testing Service.
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CSA: Simian TB Kit, up to 94 samples.

Material to process 94 samples and 2 controls.

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The CSA: Simian TB Kit enables profiling of specific IgG in serum from non-human primates to Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

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  • Patented M. tuberculosis antigens arrayed with 4 replicate spots per subarray (4 measurements per sample) for NHP screening
  • Low sample volume requirements – minimum of 5 μL of sera required
  • Up to 94 samples can be tested simultaneously
  • Rapid assay gets you same day results with numerical values for individual animal tracking
  • Included Positive and Negative Control sera allow internal quality control and data normalization
  • Compatible with the AQ 1000 instrument

Analysis FIles

Pre-installed on AQ 1000

L762_CSA TB Plate Kit_User Protocol_ENGLISH

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